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Thawra hatta’l nasr! – Revolution until Victory!

Thawra hatta’l nasr! – Revolution until Victory!

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Thawra hatta’l nasr!

The Arab revolution represents a turning point in world history. This book contains a selection of the main articles on the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt published on and during the early months of 2011. It also contains key material on the explosive events in the rest of the Arab world. These articles provide a blow-by-blow account of these dramatic events. But they also contain an analysis of the social conditions and class forces that have propelled the revolution. They show that the Arab revolution is not an isolated event but a manifestation of the general crisis of world capitalism.

These articles are published here in their original form, written as events occurred on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. They present a living struggle unfolding in real time.

The struggle has not ended – this book and the Marxist ideas within presents a clear explanation of the way forward not only for the Arab masses but for the workers and youth of the world.

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