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Lenin on the National Question

Lenin on the National Question

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The tremendous crisis of capitalism is bringing to the surface all of its old contradictions. Instability, polarization and huge political shifts are on the order of the day. As part of this process, unsolved national questions are erupting once more around the globe. To  navigate this question, the writings of Lenin are a great help. 

The October Revolution liberated the nationalities that had been oppressed by Tsarist Russia, which Lenin called a "prison of the nations." It was the programme of the Bolsheviks, which included the right of nations to self-determination, that allowed the victory of the October Revolution, and later the birth of the Soviet Union, which in Lenin's time was a free association of nationalities, liberated from the yoke of the Tsars.

This booklet includes Lenin's "The Right of Nations to Self-Determination," written on the threshold of the imperialist war of 1914, as well as the "Theses on the national
and colonial question" passed by the Second Congress of the Communist International.

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